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Next Auction Catalogue

Specialist Annual Aviation Collectors Sale Set For September. Entries Invited

“Rupert” The Paratroopers Friend. A dummy parachutist used to deceive The Germans on D-Day

Next Auction 3rd August 2017.

Viewing from 8am, auction will start at the 10am.

Live Internet bidding is available for this sale.

Our August 3rd Auction is shaping up to once again to include an exciting cross selection of military collectables and consignments to date include in both the Edged Weapons and German categories a selection of items which belonged to Captain G D Hill Royal Engineers and SOE Special Operations Executive. Selected for one of the specialist “Jedburg” teams, he was parachuted into occupied Germany with his 3 Jedburg team members to observe Stalag XIA at Altengrabo on 25th April 1945.  They were subsequently captured and interned in the very same camp they were due to observe. However the German Camp Commandant knowing the war was all but over and the constant threat of the approaching Russians, allowed Captain Hill to retain his radio and transmit to the advancing Allied Forces, he was even allowed to continue carrying his sidearm and FS fighting knife included in the sale. His Items include his 2nd pattern etched blade F-S Commando knife complete in scabbard; his 3rd pattern F-S Commando knife, together with an African knife which he used on campaign; a German eagle desk ornament which he later decorated with painted parachute wings to the base; a German Army Officer’s dagger complete with hanging straps; a German Officer’s belt buckle and a bullion braid belt and a small selection of liberated souvenirs.

The larger than normal German category will consist of a good selection of German daggers including a Kriegsmarine Naval Officer’s dagger; a Railway official’s dagger; a SA Stormtrooper’s dagger; a Red Cross Social Welfare leader’s dagger; a 1st pattern Luftwaffe Officer’s dagger with chains; a German parachutist’s knife; a German Police Officer’s sword and a German Officer’s sword.  There will also be a WW2 German sand camouflaged model 1940 steel helmet; a 1935/40 combat helmet with wartime applied rough texture paintwork; a WW2 German model 1942 raw edge combat helmet; a WW2 German fatigue tunic; a 1937 dated issue brown shirt; a scarce 1940 dated signal pistol holster; a Luftwaffe Officer’s peaked cap; an Imperial German bronze statue by Arno Oswald Zauche; a Kriegsmarine flag;

The Curios category will include of a rare pre WW1 Whitehead & Co torpedo steering gyroscope, still contained in its polished wooden transit and testing box complete with winding key and tools; a 6th Middlesex Regiment silver topped presentation cane; a 17th century partisan pike; a Viking period beard tail axe head; a set of 12 solid silver Napoleonic figures; a desk model of a WW1 aerial bomb and a good selection of various Goss WW1 china items.

The Guns category will contain an extremely rare 1862 Troop Trials Adams & Co square bore rifled percussion rifle; a rare Hollis military Snider match 2 band target rifle; a Snider 3 band military rifle; a fine quality 1857 dated 2nd model 3 band percussion military rifle; an American Edwin Wesson (brother to Daniel Wesson of Smith and Wesson fame) percussion target rifle pre 1848, this pattern was occasionally used as sniper rifle during the American Civil War; a scarce brass barrel flintlock Naval pattern pistol by R Delaney; a fine early 18th century French flintlock holster pistol and a late 18th century Mortimer London cannon barrel flintlock pistol.

The Edged Weapon category will include a large selection of bayonets which will include a British Model 1888 MK2 Naval issue bayonet complete with its scarce Naval issue frog; an Imperial German M1898 Kurzes Seitengewehr sawback bayonet; an Imperial German regimentally stamped G98 Ersatz all steel bayonet; a WW1 Canadian M1910 Ross bayonet; a scarce Mexican contract Model 1897 Remington bayonet; an Italian Model 1870 Vetterli Truppi Speciali bayonet and a Model 1870 shortened Vetterli bayonet often used for cadets.  There will also be a French Guards Infantry sabre; a French Hussars/Light Cavalry sword; a Model 1886 Japanese Cavalry Trooper’s sword; an early 19th century Turkish sabre; a Crimea War period French Cuirassier sword; a Swiss Model 1943 Army Officer’s dagger; a post 1883 Japanese commissioned Naval dirk and a post WW2 Russian Naval Officer’s dirk complete with belt.
Included one of our largest selection of original WW2 German collectibles

More News of consignments to follow. If you have any items which you wish to be included in one of our sales, then please contact us regarding valuation and consignment.